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Custom Software Development

Are there are data analysis tasks that you need to perform on a regular basis? Would you be interested in using a new statistical method, but it is not available in your current software package? Creascience has acquired a renowned expertise in the development of custom statistical applications and cost-efficient software solutions.

Handling data input and results output

In our opinion, the biggest change that made R much more suitable for business applications lies in its ability to build custom and easy to use dialog boxes that allow the creation of user-friendly applications. Add to that the capability of reading datasets from a variety of formats and querying databases and you will get the ability to handle the most complex computations with the simplest interface. As far as output is concerned, it is possible to create custom reports containing exactly the information you need. They can be presented as web pages if needed and automatically added to your company intranet. Last but not least, R offers an array of graphics and data visualization tools that are so flexible and powerful that there is no limit to the way your data and results can be represented.

How to proceed?

The first step to start the development of a custom application would certainly be to contact us with a description of your objectives and constraints. We will most likely ask you a lot of questions to precisely understand your needs, who the typical users would be, the type of implementation you are looking at (workstation vs. server, etc.), the output you need and so on. Once we have a clear enough understanding of your project, we will submit a proposal describing in detail what the application would do (and would not). If this suits your needs, we will proceed with the development and deliver the application based on the timeline that was agreed upon. If relevant, we can offer training to potential users on how to use the software and interpret the results.

How long does it take to develop a custom application?

This really depends on the complexity of the requested application. Most projects are completed within one or two months, but we have also taken care of large-scale development that required more than a year to complete.